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I can give you integrations with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ or any other social marketing tools important to marketing your business and connecting with your customers.

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Everything in One Place

Your site can integrate with CRM, eCommerce, Forums, Blogs, Wikis, Document management systems or other back-end processes relevant to your unique operations.

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Go with the Best!

Drupal is a mature, safe, secure way to manage your company's data. It is also 508 compliant. Even the US Government is adopting Drupal as a content platform. So you know its good!

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Proven Ability to Deliver. It'll blow your mind.

You will be partnering with someone who has been delivering online solutions for customers for over 15 years. During that time, I have launched everything from brochure-ware sites, e-commerce sites, web front-ends to business systems, and corporate intranet applications.

I have worked in many industries, including Marketing, Financial Services, Government and Education. Within each of these, I have worked with leading applications, standards and processes. I am confident I can support your needs as well.

My roles have included Business Analyst, Developer, Designer, System Architect, Data Analyst and Project Manager. I can wear many hats for your project.

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Use the Power of Social. See for yourself.

A new report from and business intelligence firm DOMO notes that social media is more pervasive than ever among consumers: 50% of the population currently uses Facebook, and more than 37% use Twitter. And, in fact, social media will become one of the two most important forms of engagement with employees and customers, second only to face to face interactions.

Corporate leaders — and especially large company CEOs — are finally realizing what their employees and customers already know: That using social technologies to engage with customers, suppliers, and even with their own employees enables their companies to be more adaptive and agile.

Consider one more piece of recent research: The BRANDFog 2012 CEO Survey says more than 82% of respondents are likely or much more likely to trust a company who engages in social media. The study also reports that 77% of respondents are likely or much more willing to buy from a company whose mission and values are defined through their leaderships' involvement in social media.*

*Excerpt from Harvard Business Review Blog Network

Do you need any more reasons?

See how easy it is to get going!

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One Site. Many Uses. Bundle Up!

Because Drupal is open source, it means that the framework can be used to interface with other applications in any imaginable way. Dont just think of Drupal as a website platform. Think of it as a portal where all the information you need can be managed, updated and delivered under any limitless set of rules. If you can imagine it, I can build it.

Do you need an e-commerce site that integrates with your CRM and e-marketing programs? Do you need a Learning Management System coupled with a corporate directory? What combination of business functions need to share data? Legacy applications, open source solutions and cloud applications are all candidates for a Drupal project.

How many features can we build for you? Lets find out!

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Most Widely Used Platform. Here's Why:

It has been estimated that nearly 1 in 50 websites today are built using Drupal. A survey of Government CIOs reported that 24% of .gov sites have adopted Drupal as part of the Open Government mandate.*

There are over 20,000 contributed modules and themes for Drupal, and boasts a community of over 900,000 user accounts and 22,000 developer accounts.

Drupal offers scalability, customization, cache-based performance enhancements, and its a quick-to-market solution with no licensing costs. All of these benefits are multiplied when combined with a Drupalist (thats me) with several years experience within the platform.

Dont be the last in line. Get on the Drupal bandwagon!

*Source: Acquia Government Infographic

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